Don't forget to add these things to your Baby Registry!

A pregnant woman standing outside in front of a cactus, swinging a black canvas CarryAll Tote with caramel brown vegan leather accents.
We hear from mamas all the time that they're shopping for a new diaper bag because they were "gifted " a diaper bag which was purchased for them ... unsolicited. So many mamas don't think about adding a diaper bag, a hospital bag, an overnight tote (weekender) or an organizer to their registry because they're so focused on the big gear like a stroller, pack 'n play and car seat.  Don't miss the opportunity to get the diaper bag you really want by adding it to your registry. The most popular baby registries, Amazon and Babylist, provide an option to add any brand / product to your list - and here at Momkindness we even have an "Add to Babylist" button on our website to make this even easier.  We love Babylist - they provide great advice, editorial and recommendations to new mamas and they've become the go-to resource for so many first-time moms. So, take the opportunity to add a few bags to your baby registry ... ones that you really love and ones that your friends and family will love gifting to you.  Here's a few recommendations for the must-have bags you need on your baby registry:
An Overnight / Weekender Style Tote like our Day & Away Tote
  • It functions as the perfect hospital bag. This large, zip-top canvas tote is stylish but even more importantly ... it holds a ton of stuff. You'll need a tote that fits all your comfy pj's, robes, elastic waist joggers, your "not-so-sexy" undies and fuzzy socks and slippers. Plus, don't forget baby's first outfit and all the accoutrements that you need (and always good to have a little room for the hospital swag bag you'll leave with 🤣).
  • This roomy tote will become your go-to bag for years to come when you're planning a day out with baby (babies) and even as they progress through the toddler years. It's the bag that gets stored in the stroller storage basket, shoved in the overhead compartment, packed for the beach ... you need this tote!
An Organized Diaper Bag like our CarryAll Tote Trio or Duo Backpack
  • A place for everything - pockets for your items and baby's items.  And if you need more packing savvy... our CarryAll Tote Trio includes a removable organizer insert. This is key if you're dropping off your LO at daycare or with family/friends. Pack the organizer with all baby's items and then simply remove that piece and take your tote with all of your belongings with you.
  • Hands free ... sometimes or always!  Let's face it, most of the time, you feel like you can't possibly hold one more thing or one more little hand and a hands-free bag or backpack is the perfect solution.  Our CarryAll Tote Trio converts to a backpack with an included strap when you need that hands-free option but also provides the option for you to carry crossbody or as a shoulder tote when going to the office or when you're out without your LO's. If hands-free seems to be your daily need, our Duo Backpack has padded, adjustable straps and pockets galore.
An Organizer Insert - a simple bag that you'll use ALL THE TIME

  • Make any bag into a diaper bag by adding an organizer insert.  Each pocket can be designated for different items - one for diapers, one for wipes, one for rattles / teethers / pacifiers and one for extra clothes for baby and 2 bottle pockets.
  • Keep it stocked and ready to go.  It's common to leave the house only to realize later that you're low on diapers and wipes.  Having an Organizer Insert stocked in your car can be a savior. Just having the visibility to what you have on-hand can be a life-saver.
  • Travel-friendly.  We've all gone through the security line at the airport and realize our small liquid bottles and electronics are scattered throughout our bag making this a somewhat stressful event. Keeping all these items stored in the Organizer Insert that can quickly be removed from your bag and placed in the "tray" is genius.
 A Wet Bag - do we have to say why?
  • Our Pack It Up Pouch is so much more than just a wet bag but we know how critical this wet bag component is when you have a newborn so we made the large back pocket a wet bag. It can be easily cleaned when you have a onesie that just went through an unfortunate event. Don't throw it away! The wet bag pocket so easy to clean -- you can pull the lining out and clean with soap and water and let dry. 

Swing into mamahood with the bag essentials you really need and the styles you really want!