Q: Why waxed canvas? 

AWaxed canvas is a perfect match for what is needed in a carryall or “diaper bag”.  Besides being extremely strong, durable and breathable, it’s also water resistant. We know that not everything that goes into a diaper bag is dry or smells great – and spills happen – therefore the decision to use waxed canvas was an easy one.  The durability and versatility of this material will extend the lifetime of the bag, AND like all of us… it gets better looking with age. We hope this becomes your “everything” bag and serves you well beyond the baby years.

Q: There are marks on my waxed canvas – help!? 

A: That’s the beauty of waxed canvas … like leather that patinas, over time you may see the natural marks of wear which gives it an authentic and original look. We appreciate this about waxed canvas but in case you do not…. you can always use a warm hairdryer to apply heat to the marks and they will disappear.

Q: How do I clean my Momkindness waxed canvas bag? 

A: Lightly scrub away dried dirt with a soft bristle brush or sponge.  Try using just cold water to wipe away any spots before applying any soap to your cloth. If soap is needed, use cold water and a small amount of mild soap applied to a clean cloth and gently rub onto the spot.  Rinse away any soap from the canvas with cold water and air dry. 
Do not machine wash or dry, do not dry clean or use hot or warm water to clean. Do not use detergent. 

Q: Are your straps interchangeable and/or can I use my own bag strap? 

A: All straps on our Carry-All Tote Trio and Change-it-Up Diaper Clutch are detachable, can be used interchangeably and can be used to carry our bags in many different ways – messenger style, backpack, over the shoulder or cross body. You can also attach your own favorite strap to change things up with a stylish twist! 

Q: Does the Organizer Insert work with the DUO Backpack?

AYes, our Organizer Insert (sold separately) fits inside the DUO Backpack. Great for mamas looking for grab-&-go packing convenience!

Q: Where are your bags made? 

A: Momkindness bags are designed in the US and manufactured in China. Affordability is important to us. Our production partners in China enable us to offer high-quality products at a strong value, to help us achieve our give-back goals.  Our overseas partners undergo on-site audits to ensure their factories meet high standards for manufacturing, employee health & safety. Our products undergo materials safety testing as well. We value our production partners and are continually working to improve our supply chain.

Q: Are your bag materials safe? 

A: We hear you… and we need the same peace-of-mind that you do regarding our material safety. That's why we use reputable, independent third party lab testing to ensure our materials meet or exceed regulatory standards.    

Q: How does the give-back to Every Mother Counts work?   

A: EMC does amazing work and we have always been in awe of their dedication to improving maternal health for moms around the globe. We’ve pledged to EMC to donate 10% of net profits from EVERY Momkindness item sold. The more Momkindness we share with you through your purchase(s), the more kindness we can share with Every Mother Counts!  
Q: Where can Momkindness bags be purchased?   

A: Right now, we are only selling Momkindness bags on our website. We never know what the future holds, but for now we’re kind of enjoying being the mamas behind the scenes - taking orders and packing up boxes to ship around the country! We love the personal connection as we get Momkindness rolling. 

Q: Do you ship internationally?

A: We ship to the U.S. and Canada ... and hope to add more countries soon! Please note for orders shipping outside the U.S., you are responsible for your country's duties and customs fees. We have no control over these charges and they vary widely by country, so we aren't able to estimate them for you. 

Q: What’s your shipping policy? 

A: We're pleased to offer FREE standard shipping (typically 2-6 business days) for domestic (U.S.) orders $50+. If you're in a time pinch and need something extra speedy, the expedited shipping options & rates will be displayed at checkout for you to review & select. Please note expedited orders placed after 1pm EST will ship the next business day.

Q: What’s your return policy? 

A: Please scroll down to our website footer to find the link to RETURNS & EXCHANGES for the detailed scoop.

Q: How do I convert my CarryAll Tote into a backpack? 

A: Follow the steps below with the canvas messenger strap (included). If you'd prefer to watch a 30 second video, we have one saved in our IG Highlights.