A photo collage featuring a close-up of 6 patterned boho style bag straps, an image of a mom with a black and brown carryall tote diaper bag on her shoulder holding a baby and a photo of a mom wearing a grey and brown backpack holding her toddler son.
Image of 4 brightly colored boho style bag straps in different woven patterns, laid out to form an asterisk shape on a white background with a copy overlay "Strap Style."
An orange logo for the nonprofit organization Every Mother Counts with a drawing of a mom holding a baby, accompanied by copy describing the Momkindness "Giving Back" model.
A scripted copy block which reads "Who's talking about us..."
A line of 3 media logos including "Pregnancy & Newborn," "What to Expect" and "Red Tricycle".
A line of 4 media logos including "Mother," "Working Mother," "Bump Club & Beyond" and "Forbes".

I can pretty much fit my entire life in there without feeling like I’m lugging around a suitcase!


My favorite feature is the removable clutch. It's genius!


It's so refreshing to find a mom bag made of beautiful, more artisan-style materials, like waxed canvas. I will definitely use this well beyond the diaper years!


The tote insert is my favorite part, since it gives me so much space inside the bag for organizing and separating all of the countless things I’ve got for baby + the older kiddos.