A mom standing backwards in a nature setting holding her toddler and wearing a stone colored canvas backpack diaper bag with vegan leather accents.

Nearly every mom can recall a moment of kindness from a fellow mom that left a lasting impression. A time when another mama offered support or came to the rescue, in moments big or small... a trusted advisor for all-things-teething; a calming voice in a sleep-deprived call; a last minute carpool savior. We strive to celebrate, inspire and share these moments of momkindness, while using the power of your purchase to help moms in need.

M & K

It’s purely serendipity that our initials (Molly & Kyle) are found in Momkindness. We’re two moms, with 7 kids between us, who have been working with mom, infant and kids brands, large & small, for most of our careers. So many moms have had a huge impact in our lives, inspiring and supporting us, both at work and in our families. Our dream has always been to launch our own brand with a meaningful give-back to the mom community. Paying it forward.

Momkindness co-founders Molly and Kyle sitting on a couch.
Large collage of moms with their children, using a variety of Momkindness bag styles with the hashtag #WeAreMomkindness.