Traveling cross country!

A mom in a white shirt and hat, wearing a beige backpack with brown vegan leather accents, holding her baby peeking over her shoulder and standing in front of a lake landscape.

After a year of lockdowns and hibernation, the thought of travel has never seemed so wonderful. When the time is right, pack a bag or backpack and venture somewhere ... anywhere! A change of scenery can be so energizing - both for the Bigs and Littles in your family. We hear from many moms asking about travel-friendly features in our bags. Happily, there are many! Whether it's the luggage sleeve on our CarryAll Totes or the removable clutch in all DUO and TRIO styles, we've got you covered for easy packing, staying organized & comfortable, and hands-free lugging.

We want to send a shout-out to new mama and amazing photographer Jen, @thesometimespoet, who recently embarked on a cross-country travel adventure with her husband and little one, finally having the chance to show him this big, beautiful country of ours. Luckily for us, she brought our DUO Backpack and snapped a ton of photos along the way. We get to experience their trip through the magic of a child's eyes. How cool is that? His first time seeing a Longhorn, toe splashes in a beautiful creek, and so many other "firsts"! Below are a few fun shots. We're so grateful to Jen for sharing her special family travel moments with us.

A dad crouched on a lake shore wearing a brown baseball hat and a beige backpack with brown vegan leather accents, holding his baby wearing a tan onesie and get and splashing his toes in the lake.

A mom in white shirt and tan hat wearing a beige backpack, holding a baby in her arms peeking over her shoulder, in front of a pasture with cattle.