Tote or Backpack - Which diaper bag style is right for you?

How do you choose a Diaper Bag style?  

"Which is better, a Backpack or Tote Diaper Bag?" We get this question a lot.  Many mamas reach out to us because they can't decide between one of our CarryAll Totes or our Duo Backpacks and ask us which is more popular. To be 100% honest, we're almost dead even on the number of Totes vs Backpack orders we receive.  Sorry to say there is no easy answer, but the good news is there are a few simple questions you can ask yourself to determine which may be best for you and your family.
Here we go:
Will dad be using the Diaper Bag?  If yes, Backpack styles are much more popular with dads.  A shoulder tote just might not be their thing so if you're looking for a bag that dad will have no issues with - we'd suggest our Duo Backpack.
Do you have a newborn and/or multiple children? Hands-free is definitely something to consider. A backpack worn correctly will provide you with both hands available for your littles which is definitely a plus if you have your hands full (is there a mama out there without their hands full?)
Are you looking for one bag to be your diaper bag and purse?  Our CarryAll Tote Trio is perfect for mamas who maybe be working outside of the home or are just looking for an easy one-bag solution that looks more like a classic purse or handbag.  With vegan leather accents and lots of pockets (including a laptop pocket), this bag is perfect and will last well beyond the baby years.  
Do you have back issues?  Backpacks with padded and adjustable backpack straps distribute the heavy load of your bag evenly and can help reduce the stress on one shoulder.  Consider a Backpack diaper bag if pregnancy and mama life have done a job on your back (and... we're so sorry).
Do you have toddlers?  The easy access of a tote can come in handy if you're handing out snacks and sippy cups every other minute.  Moms of toddlers often prefer our CarryAll Tote Trio because they can quickly grab what they need without missing a beat.
Do your travel a lot?  This is a tough one because there are advantages for both styles here.  If you plan on having time away from the kids on your trip, the CarryAll Tote is a more versatile style which will take you from outings with the kids during the day to an evening out with friends. If your trip is 100% family fun, the hands-free feature of our backpack is the overall recommendation. The crossbody clutch in both bags is super-handy for travel - it's a game changer!
Which is the Best Diaper Bag?
The best diaper bag is going to be the one that keeps you organized, compliments your style and makes your life easier. The good news is all of our Totes AND Backpacks do just that.  Every Momkindness Diaper Bag includes our removable vegan leather clutch (bonus bag that is perfect for quick errands and even date night!), are all made of durable canvas that is water resistant - a must have in this category - and all have lots of pockets (including a laptop pocket) to keep you organized. 
You can always reach out to us via if you have a specific question about our Everyday or Diaper Bags.  Happy Shopping!