Stone is back! All-season beautiful

Two side-by-side images of women wearing a stone colored canvas backpack with caramel brown vegan leather accents. Image on the left is a mama holding her baby on the beach. Image on the right is a woman standing in front of a snowy landscape.

After selling out ... TWICE ... we're fully restocked with the stone DUO Backpack. This off-white beauty is a style favorite all year round. Winter whites, summer whites ... it doesn't matter. The materials and construction details of our Diaper BagsWeekenders, Everyday Bags and Pouches make them all-season perfect. Why?

  • Cotton canvas is a lightweight yet highly durable material, making it an ideal all-season choice for bags. Canvas has an excellent strength-to-weight ratio. It's manufactured with what's known as a plain weave textile technique, providing as much strength as much heavier materials. So, you can pack with confidence without carrying a lot of excess bag weight -- since we know your arms are likely juggling many other things and possibly a precious LO, too!

  • Some of our styles use waxed (a.k.a. glazed) canvas, which adds an extra layer of protection -- because spills and splashes are not confined to any one season. Right, mamas?

  • We've added some thoughtful design details like the vegan leather bottom panel with metal feet to help keep your bag slightly elevated off the ground (indoors or out) ... a good idea for any season.

  • Our color palette is full of neutrals and classic earth tones, which complement any season's style trends.

So if you're looking for a stylish, sturdy mom bag that will serve you well year-round, look no further - we've got you covered.