Something NEW ... 'tis the season!

It's always so exciting to launch a new style, especially at this time of the year -- gift season! So, we're extra excited that our all-new Day & Away Totes are finally here ... after a game of planes, trains and automobiles to get to us. Since you, our MK mamas, are always our inspiration when it comes to product development, we thought we'd share your many asks, wishes and savvy suggestions which helped shape this new style 

  1. First, we heard from so many that aside from their everyday bag or diaper bag, they often pack an extra 'oversized load' bag for oversized adventures. Think ... a full day at the beach, an overnight visit at grandmas or even a weekend date getaway. 
  2. Overwhelmingly, you all wished for (a) super-roomy capacity (b) sturdy canvas construction but not too heavy (c) minimal extra features. Basically, a jumbo, durable tote with lots of space for anything and everything!
  3. Oh, and we heard from so many that you love our boho straps and why don't we offer a bag that includes a patterned strap, without having to buy one separately?

 Add all that great inspiration together and voilà -- the Day & Away Tote was born. We intro'd with two fresh, new colors, Juniper & Rye, which are literally tracking dead-even in sales so far. Tough choice, right?

Our favorite feedback to this new style is that it's useful for anyone ... daughters, sisters, friends ... whether they're moms or not. One wonderful MK mama shared that her college-age daughter already "stole" hers so she's ordering a second. We love seeing MK being spread so widely because as always, for every purchase we donate to Every Mother Counts.

Thanks for sharing your product feedback and new style wishes. We really do listen! Wishing you many happy "days & aways" this holiday season.