Resolutions??? Maybe not this year.....

Woman holding Stone Backpack in one hand and giving the peace sign on the other hand.

Resolutions…. uggg.  It’s that time of year when everyone starts talking about new habits and practices they'll be including in their daily lives all to achieve a better life. We’re not big fans of resolutions here at Momkindness, but we are fans of reflecting, setting goals and remembering to focus on the things that bring us happiness.  Below are a few things we often talk about that make a difference for us. 

  1. Share more kindness.  Our brand name Momkindness is near and dear to us because we truly believe that kindness is key ... in everything.  We’re not going to lie - there are days when sharing kindness can be a challenge, but often a few moments alone (this could mean hiding from your family for a few minutes) and taking a breath helps put things in perspective and the realization that kindness does matter comes back in focus. It’s amazing how sharing kindness can change the course of your day and someone else’s day. 
  2. Keep it simple.  Often, it’s the little things that make us smile or bring us happiness.  We try and focus on those simple things in our life and in our business. When we design our canvas totes and diaper bags, we always remember that there are simple features which will make our bags every mom's favorite. Our removable clutch is one of them - it’s our most popular diaper bag feature and it’s pretty simple!  Who wants to shuffle between multiple bags or carry a bag that screams diaper bag.  We surely didn’t and when we launched our line of multi-tasking bags for moms, we found out that a lot of you agreed! Simple but creative designs that can be used in many ways – a real solution for moms managing the daily hustle. 
  3. Make the memories.  As our children get older, this is one that we talk about a lot at Momkindness. The time we share with our family is of the utmost importance.  As new mamas you are often told to enjoy the moments because they go by so fast and we're going to tell you the same. We recall being annoyed at hearing this when our kids were little – probably because it felt like one more thing to add to a to-do list and one that had a little guilt associated with it. Try not to take it that way.  Our message to you is do the things that make the memories.  Invest in those memories - take the trip, take the pictures, share the stories.  Those are things you will have forever and bring you happiness throughout your life.  We added our Day & Away Tote to our line this year to make these trips a little easier and encourage you to take the trip!  

As 2022 gets underway, stay positive mamas.  The shorter days and news of the continuing pandemic can be a bit much to handle some days, but remember that this too shall pass and brighter days are ahead.  Share kindness, lean on each other and have faith. 

Cheers to you in 2022.