Meet Laurel - new season, new color!

A woman wearing the DUO Backpack in laurel green canvas with caramel brown vegan leather accents, standing backwards at a counter at a store in the Catskills.
We're beyond excited to introduce Laurel ... a fresh new color in our DUO Backpack diaper bag and Everyday Backpack styles. This earthy green hue is a perfect year-round choice and we honestly can't believe the reaction it's getting from a few "hidden" sneak peeks we floated on social media. 
Launching a new color into an assortment is super fun but also comes with a bit of anxiety for us. Is it unique enough but not too different? Is it on-trend yet with classic staying power? Does the canvas complement our vegan leather well? There are so many things to consider -- so how do we arrive at a new color choice? 
  • First and foremost, we listen to YOU, mamas. We run surveys on color wishes. We save all your DM's and chat questions and suggestions on colors. We run Instagram polls with photos ("Do you prefer A or B") to narrow to our finalist color candidates.
  • We follow fashion trend projections several seasons out to make sure we know what's coming on the color horizon.
  • We shop. And shop. And shop ... scouring some of our favorite brands across a wide array of categories from clothing to home decor, to see which colors catch our attention.
  • And we sample. And sample. And sample ... to make sure we fine-tune a new colorway to work perfectly with all our accent materials, hardware, straps, etc.
So, how do we think we did with Laurel? Judging by your reaction to this Limited Edition, we're now wishing we had ordered loads more! Literally dozens of eagle-eye viewers who spotted a small snapshot of the Laurel in a social ad prior to launch reached out asking "how can I get that color ... I don't see it on your website?".  Always a good sign.
Keep your suggestions & ideas coming ... on colors, materials, features, anything! We really DO listen and are always grateful for your input. If you love the new Laurel, grab one quickly .... they may not last long!