It's something we hear a lot about lately and for good reason - we're entering month 13 of a pandemic for crying out loud! Spending time reflecting on the positive things in your life is a total mood booster and something we try to do daily here at Momkindness. We have to be honest, there are days when we want to cry ... starting a business isn't easy ... BUT when we get an upbeat comment in our feed, when someone leaves a great review on our website or when we're recognized on a "best diaper bag" list, we quickly remember why we started Momkindness. There's no other feeling quite like helping out another mama. We make products to help moms with their daily hustle and we give-back to mamas needing a little extra support through our partnership with Every Mother Counts and we're so thankful that we get to do this every day.
As we enter our third year in business, we want to say Thank You for being on this ride with us and for your support. We hope our diaper totes, backpacks, diaper clutches and organizers make your everyday hustle a little easier so you can spare a moment to reflect on all the positives in your life.