Creative Baby Shower Gift Ideas

An expectant mom sitting down holding a black canvas diaper bag backpack, surrounded by baby shower decorations.
'Tis the season for Baby Showers! Not surprisingly, we get a lot of orders intended as Baby Shower gifts ... which is a delight for us. What DOES surprise us are some of the amazingly creative ideas & themes that gift-givers apply to our products. Below are a few of our favorites, which may inspire you for the next Baby Shower you attend or host (...or even your own!).
  1. The "What You Really Need" Hospital Bag. This is such a thoughtful idea, where experienced mamas add their own personal lifesavers into a very practical gift. Our Day & Away Tote is frequently gifted as a hospital bag, since it's super roomy ... truly the perfect size. Gift-givers tell us they fill it with a few things they really needed or wanted after delivery (... things nobody told them to think about!...) and we LOVE some of their add-ins: fuzzy socks, a favorite chocolate treat, one fun magazine, a sleep mask, lip balm, scented hand lotion, a neck pillow for dad.
  2. His & Hers Diaper Bags. More than once, we've heard that the diaper bag choice is a point of contention between a mom-to-be and dad-to-be. A few clever gift-givers have solved this with a "His & Her" combo, pairing a style of mom's choice (...perhaps a CarryAll Tote TRIO) with something dad prefers (...say, the grey DUO Backpack). It's such a fun idea and also a nice way to involve and recognize dad at the shower.
  3. On-The-Go Mama Bundle. This is a perfect theme to reassure a new mama that she can still get out & about with baby and continue to enjoy outings or getaways. We've been asked to bundle a DUO Backpack +  Day & Away Tote + Pack-it-Up Pouch into a color coordinated set, which looks great altogether and will cover every possible on-the-go need for a new mom. Makes a great group gift!
  4. Pack-it-Up Party Favor - A few shower hosts have reached out to order several of our Pack-it-Up Pouches as favors for their guests. They specifically mention that the embroidered "Momkindness" patch on the outside of our pouch became an overall theme for their party ... spreading kindness among moms. WOW, we love this!! This idea works nicely for small, intimate showers and we've received photos of our Pouches filled with sentimental things such as homemade soap or candles, custom-printed chocolates, a beaded name bracelet, a hand-written note from the mama-to-be and even a mini-succulent plant! Such a nice memory-maker for all involved.
We all want to gift our sister, friend or loved one something they specifically ask for or something we know they need -- but personalizing a gift and putting a unique spin on it can add an extra element of surprise, making it all the more memorable. We applaud your creative minds, mamas!