Celebrating Mother Nature this Earth Day

A mom and little girl take a stroll through a huge garden with flowers and vegetables on either side.

Let's face it.... she is the Mother of all Mothers and deserves a little more love this Earth Day. Looking for things you can do with your little ones to teach them about taking care of our environment?  

Pack your Duo Backpack and hit the trails! 

Fill your water bottle and pack lots of snacks (you know how those kiddos need snacks) and throw a small blanket in the back zip pocket of your backpack so you can take a break and be one with nature. Our Duo Backpack has so many pockets to organize what you need and padded straps to keep you comfortable on your outdoor trek. While out on the trails, take a moment to chat with your littles about everything they see around them and all that Mother Nature provides. If they're old enough, talk to them about the easy things they can do to help protect our planet and keep her healthy for years to come.  

Oh, and for those snacks, we recommend packing them in reusable snack bags like the ones from Sage Spoonfuls. Not only are they adorable and easy to clean - but they offer an environmentally friendly alternative to disposable plastic snack bags.

The Momkindness team is celebrating Earth Day with a trail clean-up day. The greater Boston area has so many hiking trails that our families have enjoyed for many years. On Earth Day, we make a point to do our part to help clean-up and preserve the beautiful nature spots we continue to enjoy over and over again.