Best Diaper Bag Tips for Multiples

Twin infant boys sitting on a white blanket on the grass outside, with a navy blue canvas diaper bag behind them.

Moms of twins or multiple little ones close in age have special superpowers ... or so it seems. They tell us that packing efficiently can mean the difference between calm and chaos in their day. So, we asked these experienced mamas to share their most helpful tips & advice when it comes to choosing and packing a diaper bag for multiples. 

Here goes ...

Size matters, but biggest isn't always best. 
A roomy diaper bag is key, but going with something TOO large can actually work against you since you may be tempted to throw anything & everything inside with reckless abandon. You can end up carting around a bag that's way heavier than necessary and trying to find something quickly may be impossible when digging through a seemingly bottomless pit. A roomy-but-reasonably sized bag enables you to pack all the essentials, but forces you to truly think about your needs for the day or the outing. 
"Hands-free" can mean something different to each of us.
With multiple littles, you're typically juggling many things in your arms ... including a baby or two! It's important that your diaper bag not use valuable hand-capacity. Does that mean a backpack diaper bag style is the best choice? For many mamas, yes -- but not for all. A few experienced moms told us that they still prefer a shoulder tote style, since they can reach in and grab something without having to take the bag off or without needing to placing their baby down. So, there's no definitive answer to the tote vs. backpack question. It all comes down to personal preference. This is why we made sure to offer both style choices in our diaper bag collection -- so you can decide, not us!
Labelling hack - a lifesaver!
A few clever mamas told us that they actually apply iron-on labels to certain pockets with each twin's name, to make sure that oral things like bottles, sippy cups, teethers or binkys are kept separate and easily identified. We love this tip! Are these moms available to organize our pantry for us, too?
Don't forget to double-up on ...
What's the diaper bag essential that experienced mamas wish they had doubled-up on, but forgot? A changing mat! If you've got two little ones in diapers, it's always wise to pack two changing mats (...and name label each with a sharpie or iron-on). This can help prevent spreading germs unknowingly. Here at Momkindness, if you're ordering a bag for multiples and let us know at the time of your order, we're happy to provide an extra.

These pearls of wisdom from savvy mamas are priceless. "Learning by disaster" is how one mom described her suggestions. Our team is all for avoiding diaper bag disasters!