A stylish diaper bag that becomes your everyday bag (or vice versa!).

Mom with baby in arms at beach with Grey Duo Backpack on her shoulder

We started Momkindness 3 years ago on a mission to make that first mom-accessory, your diaper bag, one that would help you easily transition to mamahood and one that you would love so much you’d continue to use beyond the diaper years. Yes, a diaper bag that was so stylish and feature-filled, it would become your everyday bag, your work bag and your travel bag.  We’re happy to say that we’ve heard from so many of you as well as industry pros and media that we accomplished that mission.

How did we do it? First, we talked to dozens of new moms about what they were looking for - what did they love about their diaper bag and would did they wish they could change. With years of product development experience under our belts, we knew these insights would allow us to design solutions for real parenting moments. What did we learn? So much…

  • A hands-free option for carrying your diaper bag is a must. This was mentioned over and over again, but the styling of a standard backpack had mixed reactions – some love it, others prefer a tote (it was just about 50/50!). Our diaper bags had to offer a hands-free way to carry, but they all didn’t need to look like a backpack. Our first product was the CarryAll Tote Trio – a tote that converts to a backpack when it needs to be hands-free, a messenger bag when crossbody ease is needed and shoulder tote when out with older children or when you're undercover, in non-mom mode. A tote that allows you to wear it 3 different ways PLUS a removable clutch that can be worn alone as a 4th option. The versatility was a hit, and we were over the moon at what you all told us about our first product. What To Expect When You’re Expecting named us the Best Hybrid Diaper Bag 3 years in a row! 
  • Some mamas prefer a dedicated back-pack style, one that's family friendly but stylish enough to take to work and use for travel. Introducing our Duo Backpack. After rounds of samples, we knew we had a winner!  A stylish Backpack that doesn’t look like a diaper or school bag, but rather a classy canvas pack with organized pockets (including a laptop pocket) and brass and vegan leather accents has been a homerun.  Motherly, a go-to resource for expecting and new moms, added us to their list of Stylish Diaper Backpacks that don’t look like diaper bags which was 100% our intention. With a range of colors, our Duo Backpack is a favorite and one that we have a hard time keeping in stock!
  • Hospital bags and weekender style totes was the next topic of conversation with new moms. “I need a bag that can carry everything I need for an overnight or a full day away from the home-station”. The bag they can stuff under the stroller with multiple children or pack for a night away at grandmas. Our Day & Away Tote is a perfect fit in the overhead compartment on your family trip, under the stroller on a day out with the kiddos and pretty enough that you’ll use it for every trip – with or without the kids in tow. This bag will be your favorite companion for years to come. 

So our mission of creating bags that are functional, fashionable, versatile and long-lasting continues….. stay tuned as we have a lot in store!