LOVE Canvas Case

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Who can resist a cute & functional canvas case to keep your "mama must-haves" organized and handy in your tote? Show yourself or a friend a little "love" with this perfect add-on to any CarryAll.

  • Sturdy ivory canvas with zip top; fully lined
  • "You've got this!" message inside -- for those days when you need a little reminder.
  • Dimensions: 8.0 x 5.5 x 1.0 inches
  • Spot-clean only



Ivory color zip-top canvas case with the word LOVE and two red hearts printed on front, laying flat on white background.
An ivory color canvas case with zip top and the word LOVE printed on the front with 2 red hearts. Inside is the inscription "You've got this!" #sharemomkindness
An ivory, rectangular canvas zipper case with the word LOVE printed with two red hearts, filled with make-up items and laying on a wood background.
A forest green canvas tote bag with brown vegan leather accents, placed in front of a brick background, next to a smaller zip-top ivory canvas case with word LOVE printed on front with two red hearts.
A female in a blue and white sweater holding an ivory color canvas case in her hands with the word LOVE printed on the front with 2 red hearts.